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The Premier Car Wash in Grand Rapids, now with 6 convenient locations!

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auto detailing

- Express Polish
- Carpet and Seat Shampoo
- Interior Anti Bacterial
28th St Wyoming location only

unlimited pass

- Monthly charges
- Starting at $19.99
- Use @ 6 GR locations
Unlimited Wash Pass


- Newest online service
- Includes Carnauba Wax!
- Hand Wax like Shine
- Buy @ 6 Grand Rapids washes

At Southland we believe in innovation and ingenuity, which is how we created our Ellis Parking Company Executive Detail Services!

Park your car at Midtown and get it washed and detailed and ready for you by the end of your work day!

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Hot Wax contains carnauba wax and polymers that provide a UV protective barrier to all vehicles surfaces while leaving a protective high gloss surface finish. It adds a slippery smooth feeling to the paint as if it was just waxed and repels rain from the glass to improve visibility. Hot Wax also provides a pina colada scent!

Kids' Food Basket

Southland donates 1 penny from each car wash to the Kids' Food Basket, a local nonprofit organization that attacks childhood hunger, and serves over 6,000 kids each week in greater Grand Rapids and Muskegon.

Unlimited Family Plans

Southland is excited to introduce family plan pricing for our Unlimited Wash Pass! Now you can save money on a second, third or fourth vehicle. Read more...

Closed Cell Foam Brushes

In the 1990's Southland Auto Wash started using brushes made of closed cell foam. This special material outperforms older cloth and bristle car wash brushes, and it does not hold dirt or water. This means that our material will not damage painted surfaces.

Energy Efficiency

In today's complicated energy usage climate, Southland uses sophisticated computerized controls with outputs adjustable to the fraction of an inch. We pioneered the use in the car wash industry of variable frequency drives on our electric motors both to maximize energy conservation and to reduce our demand on the power grid.

Water Conservation

Southland features advanced car wash technology, including water conservation, recycling and purification systems. Our water recycling systems save 80% of the water used to wash your vehicle! Out of 100 gallons used to wash each vehilce, 80 gallons are recycled!

Ekkomaxx Zero Carbon Concrete

Ekkomaxx™ is an exciting new technology that uses coal ash from power plant operations, typically considered an industrial waste product, to create an extremely durable and environmentally friendly concrete system. In addition, Ekkomaxx™ does not contain any portland cement in its mix design. Because of this, an Ekkomaxx™ installation eliminates 1 ton of CO2 in the atmosphere for every ton of portland cement it replaces. read more...