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Groupon Spring 2013

Step 1: Full Service Sheenology Car Wash

Your vehicle will receive our 'Full Service' which includes floors and mats vacuumed, windows cleaned, dash and console dusted, cup holders and door jambs wiped clean. You also receive your best exterior carwash (Sheenology) that features 3 online waxes, 2 wheel cleaners, gentle foam brushes, high pressure blasters, tire blaze to shine your tires, under sealant, 13 high powered blowers and towel drying.

Step 2: Clay Bar

We use Clay Bar to remove all the extra contaminents from the vehicles surface. Good Clay Bar prep makes all the difference to any wax job!

Step 3: High Gloss Sealant

We coat the vehicle with our special Polish, and then run our Express Polish machine over the entire vehicle. This machine will Polish the vehicle's surface very evenly and thoroughly. This process is done twice

Step 4: Wheel Wax

We use a special cleaner then manually scrub and steam clean your wheels and tires to get them as perfect as possible.

With this offer you will be eligible to purchase additional interior cleaning at a discount. ($50 off a Full or Deluxe Interior or 25% off any individual interior service.) Please ask our cashier about interior cleaning when you call and schedule your appointment. 616-538-6520